Thursday, June 19, 2008

What about baking WITH your daughter?

Check out this mom and daughter team. I love their idea! A living, dynamic cookbook.

They took a Wilton class together, and here are their results. Beyond that, what fun to learn together!

Check it out here.

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Psychgrad said...

Hi Sue. Thanks so much for featuring our blog, Equal Opportunity Kitchen.

Both Giz (my mother) and I had a great time taking the first Wilton class. We individually decided to take course at around the same time and once we raised the idea with each other, it was set in stone.

Unfortunately, Giz and I don't live in the same city. So, although we both took the same course, learned the same material and made similar cakes, we did not take the class together. Blogging about the class was our way of sharing what we had learned and accomplished with each other (and the rest of the world).

I can't wait to go bake/decorate more cakes and cupcakes!