Saturday, May 24, 2008

Should you take a cake decorating class?

Whether you’re just starting out or have been decorating cakes for a while, if you’ve caught the cake decorating bug, it might be time to take a class or two. You can learn a lot on your own because there are some awesome books, videos, and websites that’ll teach you lots of tricks and tips.

But there are just some lessons that are easiest to learn in a cake decorating class. You can find great classes in a few places in your community:
  • large craft stores
  • cooking schools
  • private classes with a professional cake decorator

You could even form your own class or club by getting together with other local cake decorators to learn a new skill. Post an ad on Craigslist or Meet-Up to find them, and plan an initial meeting somewhere public so you can talk about what you’d all like to learn.

The benefits of cake decorating classes include:

  • feedback from other decorators – if that dog you made actually looks like a tow truck, don’t you want to know?
  • you can ask questions and get immediate answers
  • you can watch how other cake decorators fix their goofs rather than just seeing the finished product
  • fun!
  • cake!! after all - it would be a shame to let it all go to waste!

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giz said...

Thank you so much for the great shout out. We really had such fun doing the cake decorating - and most interestingly we're in different cities so we did it together but not together, if that makes sense.

Learning the skills in cake decorating has given both of us such a new found respect for pastry chefs and how much work they really do. I would ALWAYS encourage anyone to take a cake decorating course. I even took my niece who is 12 to a cupcake class and now she's hooked and taking pictures of literally everything she does.

Isn't motivation a wonderful thing?